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Trinity Baptist Church Moncton


Until the present, spiritual oversight and ministry is  provided by Mr. Leslie McDonald, a Baptist pastor and former missionary to Philippines with Overseas Missionary Fellowship, as well as short-term teaching with Carey Outreach Ministries. We wait upon the Lord's help for the provision of other elders to join him in this labour.  Until such time when Trinity Baptist Church becomes an independent entity, financial oversight is being provided by sister congregation, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Geary, who also provide occasional support to the preaching ministry. Thanks is given to God for all that has been accomplished thus far and all glory is rendered to our Lord Jesus Christ, our Sovereign Head who said, “I will build my church”.  We aim to encourage everyone to participate in the ministry of the church.

Pastor Leslie


Leslie and Lorraine

Phone: (506) 389-2923

Trinity Baptist Church Moncton

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